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Order Car Appraisal

We comply with IRS Publication 561 and therefore provide you with a comprehensive vehicle appraisal report.

Appraisal Cost = $225

What we provide you:

  • Description of the property
  • Physical Condition of the property
  • Date of Contribution
  • Terms of the Appraisal Agreement
  • Name and taxpayer identification number of our appraiser as well as a signed IRS Form 8283
  • Qualifications of the appraiser
  • A statement that the appraisal was prepared for income tax purposes
  • Date of Appraisal
  • The appraised FMV (Fair Market Value) of the vehicle
  • The method of valuation used to determine FMV
  • The Specific basis of the appraisal includes comparable vehicles.

What we need from you!

Option A – Online Option B – US Mail
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order appraisal report

The cost for an IRS compliant appraisal report is $225

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