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Redesigned Charity Appraisal Site Launched


Charity Appraisal Press Release

Charity Car Appraisal Website Redesigned to Offer Better User Experience for Clients Requesting Valuation Reports on their Donated Property.
True Vehicle Value Re-branded Charity Site is Now Live.
True Vehicle Value(TM) has recently launched an upgraded version of their website that offers users a
straightforward, uncomplicated way to order a charity appraisal for their donated vehicle.Charity Appraisal Site

An individual can donate a car or truck to charity and deduct its fair market value from his or her taxable
income. If the claimed deduction value is more than $5,000, the donor must submit an IRS-qualified car
appraisal that is issued by a licensed professional appraiser. Donors must also attach an appraisal summary
(Section B of Form 8283) to their tax returns.


order appraisal report

The cost for an IRS compliant appraisal report is $225

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