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Charity Appraisal Terms and Conditions

  • You are ordering a desk appraisal, this is a report that takes into account the information you’ve provided to us and not a physical inspection done by us.
  • There are no refunds offered on charity appraisals unless:
    1- You don’t receive the appraisal report within 7 business days
    2- You don’t receive your rush appraisal within 2 business days
  • We will not amend our appraisal unless you provide us additional information
  • We will not submit the appraisal to the IRS on your behalf
  • We will provide you with a signed IRS Form 8283
  • We will comply with written IRS requests for document reproduction
  • We will comply with written IRS request for clarification
  • The appraisal shall not be used in a court case, bankruptcy or IRS audit
  • You attest that the information you provided to us is accurate to the best of your knowledge

The FIne Print:

The party requesting this appraisal shall be responsible for its findings as well as the appraiser’s judgment and decisions. It is also understood that no guarantees exist as to the full or partial acceptance of these findings by others with different opinions or interests. Our Privacy Policy can be found on our website. This report was compiled in good faith with data known to be accurate and is presented to the client on an as-is basis. There are no refunds allowed once this report is submitted to a third party. We are not a law firm but an appraisal company and cannot give legal advice so please consult with an attorney if you have legal questions. Materials provided to you outside this appraisal are for reference purposes only. On first party claims and if we’re negotiating under the policy’s appraisal clause, our decisions or settlement amounts are irrespective of the wishes of the appraisal requester as we’re required to be independent and unbiased under the law. By submitting this report to a third party, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions stated in this paragraph, appraisal report and website.



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The cost for an IRS compliant appraisal report is $225

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